How long will it take for you to deliver followers to my account?

First of all we have to confirm the username. We have to ensure that the spelling of your personal data is right. Then your order is transferred to our marketing team to be fulfilled. The duration of processing of your order depends on the size of package you have bought. We would be happy to complete your orders on the spot. However, as the statistics show, your order will be completed a few days earlier.

Are there any risks for my account?

Working with our service is completely safe. We work accordingly to the Twitter guidelines. Using our service will not cause any harm to your account. We can ensure that you don’t have to worry about it. Everything is legal and safe. We guarantee that nothing will happen to your Twitter profile.

Do you work with the scheme of following in response?

No, such schemes are inappropriate for us. They show lack of professionalism and are not used by us. They are unstable and we cannot rely on them. Furthermore, such means would not bring any benefits for your online business. Using them will be a simple waste of time and money. We are really interested in developing your business, so our company does not accept such easy ways. We are concerned about interests of our clients and use professional work to satisfy their needs.

What is the process of work done for your customers? Why would anyone follow me on Twitter?

Our process of delivering followers to your account is simple. We have own websites for entertaining, gaming and shopping. We suggest free content for visitors of those sites. For the access to free entertaining we show your page to predicted potential clients. Your account is used on our sites as simple advertisement. This scheme allows you to get completely real and unique followers. Your account is displayed until the needed number of followers is reached. You can see that this system is transparent and easy to understand. If you have some questions about functioning of our system left, please let us know, and we will answer them.

Can the number of followers become smaller again after use of your service?

The answer for this question depends. The number of followers can reduce. Such situation can appear after your order is completed. Our statistics show, however, that fewer than 5% of followers refuse to continue following your account. The number is very low. One of the benefits in cooperation with us is that we monitor your number of followers after your order has been fulfilled. If the number of followers decreases, our company will provide you with new followers. Our team can ensure you that there is nothing to worry about.

Will the quantity of followers be raised to the number I ordered or will they just be added to existing followers?

If you bought 10,000 followers, our system will add 10,000 followers to the number of followers that you have already had. After we finish our work, you will have more followers than you have ordered. Our policy is delivery of the exact number of followers that you have purchased, and pleasant bonuses are also waiting for you.

Do your specialists need any personal data from me, such as password?

We do not need your password, and you should not tell it to us. We find such actions unacceptable. You can be sure that we do not need your personal data.

Who will be my followers?

Your followers will be different kinds of people. Our main task is to increase the number of genuine and real users. You also should know that you do not have to wait for active interaction with the followers that we deliver. They will not be interested in your hobbies or interests. This fact should not make you upset. Large number of followers is a great advantage for promoting your business and services in online. It can help, however, to get more relevant followers who will share your interests. There is one more point to consider. The statistics of our company show that more people will follow you if they see that you are popular and have many real followers.

What is the most important benefit from our collaboration with you?

This question is the best that the customers can ask us. The most important thing is that you can rich large audience of potential customers through our effective service. The second point is that we deliver only high-quality and real followers to our customers on Twitter. We never use bots or fake Twitter accounts as we believe this is unacceptable. The popularity of your account and high number of genuine followers will impress your potential customers

What about confidence? Can anyone find out I have used your service?

What you are speaking about is absolutely unacceptable with us. Our policy prohibits contacting with your followers. We will never send any e-mails or tweets from us. We guarantee confidence for users of our service. There are no reasons for worries. We prioritize the confidentiality and do not hurt it.

Do any celebrities use your services?

Such information cannot be given by our workers according to our privacy policy. We do not have a right to answer such questions. We do not share personal information of our customers.

Can I be sure there are no hidden payments?

This question does not have to worry you. For using our service you have to pay only once. There are no hidden payments and fees.